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The Business of Church:

Marketing/ Advertising/Branding Materials 

Flyers: $75.00- $125.00

Banners: $175.00-$350.00

Books: Prices Vary

Programs: Prices Vary

Promotional Items. I.e. Pens, Pencils, etc- Prices Vary

Speaking Contracts: $550-$850.00

Road Side Bulletins: $1500.00

Public Relations: Prices Vary

Publicist-$175.00 an hour

Planners, Notes Builder- Prices Vary

Social Media Advertisement- Daily, Weekly, Monthly-Prices Vary

Church Bulletin: Prices Vary

Website Layout: Prices Vary

Marketing Services: Prices Vary

Radio Station Slots: Prices Vary

LLC or Non Profit Services: Prices Vary

Solid House Publishing is currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts and art submissions for

publication consideration in the following categories:

Children’s fiction and nonfiction picture books
Early Reader fiction and nonfiction chapter books
Middle Grade fiction and nonfiction
Young Adult fiction and nonfiction

Hard Science fiction
High Fantasy
Adult Romance
Short stories
New Adult fiction or nonfiction
Adult fiction or nonfiction
Scientific or technical references
Books intended specifically as textbooks